Community Management Mastery

Every year, more and more businesses are harnessing the power of online communities to generate awareness, increase sales, reduce churn, and drive brand loyalty. Community management is a growing skillset for creating and sustaining lasting relationships with a brand’s prospects, leads, and customers. In this mastery class, you’ll discover proven strategies to create and grow thriving online communities that impact the bottom line.



Suzi Nelson

Suzi Nelson is DigitalMarketer's Lead Community Strategist. She provides assistance, support, encouragement, and advocacy for DigitalMarketer's private customer group by bridging the gap between company, content, and customer. In her time at DigitalMarketer, the community activity has increased 92.81% through her strategic approach to relationship building and reinforcing positive customer experiences. When not fostering DigitalMarketer's community, she is adamantly defending the Oxford comma, hanging with her two rescue dogs, or trying to convince her friends and family that her Netflix addiction really isn't that bad.