Lets Build a Predictable Selling System

  Module 1 Core Concepts
  Module 2 Architecting Your Ideal Sales Conversation
  Module 3 Identifying The Triggering Event
  Module 4 Building Your Entry-Point Offers
  Module 5 Constructing Your Predictable Selling System
  Module 6 Launching and Scaling Your Selling System

Getting Started

"Let’s Build a Predictable Selling System" is a 6-week online workshop, that's divided into three main steps… Step 1: We're going to clarify your offer and tell you exactly what to say on your website, sales messages, and even stage presentation so your prospects start asking YOU to take their money Step 2: We're going to automate and perpetuate your sales process, and transform it into "machine" that cranks out new customers and revenue predictably and automatically Step 3: We're going to test your Predictable Selling System, "install" it into your business, and then fuel your sales machine with additional traffic and exposure. By the time we're finished, you'll have a "Predictable Selling System" converting visitors into buyers automatically, and even effortlessly...meaning you make more profitable sales without ever feeling pushy or "salesy."

Getting Started