The Email Promo Jumpstart Pack

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  Understanding Promotions
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  Creating a Promotional Calendar
  Promotional Planning
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Why Create a Promotional Calendar

About This Course In this training, we’ll walk you through one of the most important subjects for strategic planning—creating your product promotions. You’ll learn exactly what a promotional calendar is (and what a promotion is too), how to create one for your business, and how to write promotional emails that generate conversions.

Why Create a Promotional Calendar

Promotional calendars are an important tool for every aspect of your business. And there are 2 important reasons why you need to build them.

Reason #1: Promotional calendars are roadmaps for what your customer communication should look and sound like. The concept of scent in advertising goes deeper than matching colors—the goal is to keep your messaging consistent across all channels and all kinds of media.

Building a promotional calendar can make that much easier because your whole team will know what the focus is on any given day.

Reason #2: Promotional calendars give you some sense of how money will flow into your business over time. Thinking in terms of promotions allows you to budget with realistic predictions about how much revenue your business will see week to week.

Now it’s time to build your promo calendar, which we’ll cover in the next section.